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Videos are the best way to convey Training information, especially in the area of Health & Safety

Why training videos are your best option for Health & Safety

Why training videos are your best option for Health & Safety

With the new workplace health and safety legislation, the key emphasis is on everyone in the workplace being responsible for Health & Safety.
We are Certified for

Level 1 Health & Safety Rep Training

So how are you managing to convey this to your staff?

Video offers you the ability to consistantly train your staff, volunteers, site visitors and clients in an easy-to-follow manner.

Recordit will work with you to identify the specific areas that need to be included and then create the script that will produce a video that is relevant, accurate and most importantly – engaging.

Our staff are Health & Safety Rep trained so they know what’s required to produce quality training videos.

Your health and safety video needs to be effective, interesting and memorable because it delivers important messages that will ultimately protect your workforce.

We are Certified for

Level 1 Health & Safety Rep Training

5 Key Benefits Training Videos have to offer

Creating training videos is one of the most effective ways to develop your team, both in terms of cost and engagement.  With videos ability to deliver a consistent message, by utilising them for training, you ensure everyone is getting the same instruction at the same time.

Here are some of the other benefits.

Reach all your staff

For companies that need to train team members at multiple locations, video offers an efficient way to reach everyone and be accessible at any time.

Trackable results

The effects are measurable e.g. Youtube number of views, share and comments or a questionnaire at the end of the video.

Viewer engagement

Video can convey situations with a high degree of accuracy and realism which makes it more interesting to the viewer plus the message is consistent.

Easy to understand

Perfect for viewers who are auditory or visual learners or if English isn’t their first language.  Add captions in different languages for ease of understanding.

Save time and labour

Reduce the need for trainers and free up staff – a real time saver.

Client Showcase

Norske Skog Tasman

Health & Safety Training Video case study for Norske Skog
Norske Skog Tasman is a pulp and paper mill located in Kawerau. Founded in 1952, Norske Skog Tasman is an entirely virgin fibre mill and uses sustainably managed plantation radiata pine.

Annual paper production is up to 150,000 tonnes. It is also a generator, seller and significant consumer of electricity participating directly in New Zealand’s wholesale electricity market

In 2013 Recordit was approached to produce a Visitors Induction video to be used for Site Induction and general On-Site Health and Safety Procedures.

Creating the Video

The Approach

The Health and Safety Advisor and team sat down with Recordit to discuss the project along with Health and Safety in general.

The realisation with such a huge workplace site is that there were a number of different areas with specific H & S requirements, each of which would need a unique video.  These would be produced over several years.

The Visitors Induction video was our first priority.


The first step was the script – what are the important factors we needed to convey in this video? The existing H&S Induction was a PowerPoint presentation so we used this as a guide to develop a list of all the areas that needed to be included e.g. Visitors card, PPE, Hazards etc. Once we had identified each of the areas we then added the content – keeping it as clear and as brief as possible. We needed several willing employees to literally walk through the script demonstrating the Health and Safety issues while we filmed.


The filming took a day. We organised a professional voice-over and then a concentrated effort on the editing was needed as we were informed that Norwegian VIPs would be arriving to the workplace in a few days.

The initial project had a tight time frame which we met, and the video was very well received.

Over the next 3 years we completed nine Health and Safety Videos.

The Result

Videos included a very comprehensive Induction video for Employees and Contractors, various Driver Safety Inductions for specific areas and specialised areas such as Drug and Alcohol Screening Procedures, Confined Spaces and On Site Emergencies including Mill Wide Evacuations.

All videos, complete with questionnaire, are able to be accessed online prior to arriving at the Mill which is a huge time saver.

Check out these videos on my YouTube channel!

What the client had to say…

“I was working on a new script for our Site Safety Induction and Truck Drivers Induction back in 2015 when I was introduced to Cathryn at Recordit who was recommended to the company management.

It was then that things started to move along. With Cathryn’s assistance and experience with camera work, this made the process so much easier to adapt and ensure the things we needed to highlight were backed up visually, giving the new inductees a visual experience and idea of the site layout and its many processing areas.

From what started out looking like a Monster Power Point presentation one size fits all type, to producing nine professional quality site and worker specific videos, which can easily be cut, edited and updated.

Most of our Safety Inductions are now accessed online which works really well and gives the inductees an opportunity to complete in the comfort of their own office, workplace or PC prior to arriving at the site, saving valuable time.

I can recommend Cathryn and Recordit for all your corporate or industrial presentation videos.”

Nigel Collins

ERS Officer
Norse Skog Tasman Paper Mill, Kawerau

School’s in

Just a few of the organisations using Recordit Health & Safety and Training videos.

DMS: Forklift Training
Tristel Trio: KS C-Mac laryngoscope

Cedenco Foods NZ

Training induction video for Birchwood Packhouse
Cedenco Heealth & Safety Training video
Health & Safety Training Video for Ministry of Fisheries
Pacific Forest Products Training Video

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