Brand Awareness

There is nothing more compelling than a great story – everyone has a story.

Why build your brand awareness?

Why build your brand awareness?

In today’s society, it’s not enough to have a quality product or service, you need to know how to talk about it in a way that differentiates you from the crowd.

So how do we do that? By telling stories – stories connect us. We buy with our hearts not with our heads. Videos that tell an engaging story are more likely to be shared, liked and commented on.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, what do they care about and how can you make a difference in their lives, what problems are you solving for them – tell them. Position your company as the obvious and unique solution to those specific problems.

Give your viewers something they can relate to, something that lets them see themselves in your video. Ultimately this will maximize your business’s visibility, profit, and impact.

What building your brand accomplishes

Brand-building videos are used to improve the brand and transparency of your business or organisation. The aim is to get potential customers invested in the vision and culture of your company, so that they are more likely to engage with your organisation.

Creating Brand Awareness

Sounds pretty obvious right? But it’s the first stepping stone towards growing your customer-base, let people know you exist and what you do.

Build recognition & retention

An engaging video is an effective way to help people remember your brand by tying your logo to a story they could relate to.

Becoming relatable

Creating a relatable story or narrative is a great way to engage with your customers. Anyone who can relate to your business or organisation is more likely to purchase, get involved or spread the word about what you do.

Be approachable

This can be especially beneficial for large corporations that may present as being too large to be interested in their clients. But it also applies to any situation where improved relationship with customers, (new or existing), helps sales or growth.

Building trust

The most beneficial side effect from promoting your business or organisation in a manner that makes you appear approachable and relatable is that you instill trust in your customers. This can directly improve sales and client retention.

Ways to build your Brand

Brand Building Videos to help grow Your Business

A brand-building video focuses on the business or organisation itself, rather than advocating for a product or service. There are many different ways videos can help promote a brand, here are some examples:

Website Video

Add a video to your homepage.  It will increase engagement and better explain how your business product or service can solve your customer’s problem.

Social Media Video

A short and emotive video which encourages the viewer to share the video.

Insight Video

Take your viewer behind the scenes – share your story – all of it – the wins and the challenges and don’t forget to add humour.

Social Responsibility

A corporate social responsibility video is designed to showcase what your business is doing to help within your community.
Most of the different types of corporate videos are not mutually exclusive, the combinations are endless. Investing in corporate video can have far-reaching benefits for your company.

Client Showcase

Breast Cancer Support Service

Brand Awareness case study for Breast Cancer Support Services
Every year in the Bay of Plenty, there are approximately 200 women (and some men) diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga Trust (BCSS) is an organisation formed in 1991 to offer support, education and information to women or men diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the Bay of Plenty.

Creating the Video

The Approach

The BCSS Manager and Record sat down and discussed what we wanted to achieve – a compelling video that would connect viewers, raise awareness of breast cancer and inspire viewers to become involved.


We wanted to produce a video that was fun and engaging.  We came up with the idea of a fun afternoon painting henna tattoos on heads. We had two perfect ladies who would be our models.


There was no need for a script or storyboard, we produced some hats to play with and that set the tone for a memorable afternoon of filming. Amanda and Kelli with their contagious laugh and spontaneous sense of fun made our job so easy and enjoyable.

The Result

The result ‘Be True to You – my Henna Tattoo’ is six minutes of pure joy, two delightful personalities with a positive attitude in a difficult time, certainly an inspiration for those in a similar situation.

This video is one of nine projects Recordit has produced starting with the BCSS 20th Anniversary in 2011.

Each of the videos showing how breast cancer effects the lives of all ages, both male and female. ‘The Nude Dude Swim”, a fund-raising event, has had over half a million views!… check out these on my YouTube Channel.

What the client had to say…

“Cath has been working with Breast Cancer Support Service Tauranga for the last nine years and her work is extremely professional. 

She has a creative eye and is able to offer great ideas for how to get the most from our promotional photos and video. 

Cath takes the time to listen and understand what our needs are and what we are trying to achieve and she brings her skills to making that happen.”

Helen Alice

Service Manager
Breast Cancer Support Services Tauranga Trust

Building Success

Just some of the brands we’ve worked to build

Bay Catering

Through his eyes BCSS

Ready to promote yourself?

At Recordit we pride ourselves on our ability to get to know and understand your business. We will help you focus your message so it can be heard loud and clear by the right audience.