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Reach a larger audience with Video Advertising and Online Marketing Videos.

Building your audience

Building your audience

Whether you are interested in online video advertising or traditional television advertising, Recordit videos will give you the power to share your story and reach customers with your products and services.

Social Media

Videos on Social Media platforms will make up 82% of all Internet Traffic In 2020.

Social Media now offers us the ability to place video advertising in front of a much more targeted audience.  It offers the ultimate opportunity for communicating brand value directly with potential customers on their level.  It’s also the platform where viral advertising is born.

Platforms such as  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube have allowed brands to form closer relationships with customers.  Through regular interactions with your online content, your brand will win the trust and loyalty of your leads.  The result is a strong base of returning customers. Social media platforms also prioritize videos over other types of content, and videos help brands build more trust than traditional ads.

Online platforms are the place to nurture trust with your customers and video is the perfect tool for engaging with them. All of these trends make it crucial to nail your video presence.


Television remains one of the most powerful and effective means of creating instant brand awareness and prestige.

TV campaigns create credibility setting you apart from your competitors. With the ability to target your key demographic, TV advertising consistently provides a great return on investment with measurable results.

Recordit TV commercials offer you the ultimate selling tool.   In 15-60 seconds, we connect with your audience, change the way they perceive your brand, and call your viewer to action. In short, we help your target market ‘get’ what you’re about so you get noticed.

Simple ways to engage with your customers via video advertising

Video enables you to say much more with less — to construct a story for your brand that’s engaging and packs a punch.

Video marketing is the use of video to raise awareness, create engagement, and drive sales.

Current trends show that video marketing is fast becoming the dominant player in online marketing and essential for any business that wants to make their mark.

Event Video

Capture the heart, feel and purpose of your event. Use the footage to create teaser videos for future events and to engage followers on social media year-round boosting brand awareness.


They’re Real. They’re Raw. They’re Persuasive
Why Are Video Testimonials So Powerful? One Word – Authenticity
Video testimonials are one of the most effective ways to influence potential customers to buy your product or engage in your services because these clients are describing how their problems have been solved.  
Testimonial videos are genuine, spontaneous and believable. 

Explainer Videos

Engage Potential Customers & Familiarize Them With Your Business.  Explainer Videos Are short, concise and stand out as some of the most effective in digital marketing.  Read More

Product Reviews

Few consumers buy products these days without consulting their friends, the internet or both. That’s why a product review can be so successful. They help build trust and loyalty, and typically describe what sets your products apart from others.

“How To” Videos

The goal is to give the viewer a set of steps to accomplish a task or learn a new skill. Great for building brand credibility and getting your audience to trust you.

Explainer Videos

Engage with your audience!

Explainer videos help you to educate your customers about your products or services.  By doing so, you not only promote what you have on offer, but elevate your brand awareness and increase customer conversions.

Tip: Promoting Products

Anyone can talk about the nuts and bolts of a product. It’s a lot harder to replicate the heart and soul. Focus on what the customer identifies as being important rather than discussing every detail about the product and service.

Client Showcase

Connect2 Chartered Accountants

Video Advertising for Connect2 Accountants
Connect2 Chartered Accountants in Tauranga, a team of seven accounting specialists passionate about helping you make your business successful and build financial security.
Along with the video production for this project, we animated the logo, created individual testimonial videos and a banner video, all part of completing the branding for the website.

Creating the Video

The Approach

In 2016 Jocelyn (Director) and the team sat down with Recordit to discuss the new branding for ABC Services.  This was an exciting time for the company, a whole new look with new website and new business name. The project would involve a series of photos showcasing the working environment with the team and clients, and a short video to tell the business story. ‘What is different about Connect2 and why should someone do business with us?’  This was the message we wanted to convey.


We sat down with the Connect2 team and discussed how we could personalise the experience, and involve each member of the team, and what would be the most effective way to talk about the diverse range of services on offer.    

We decided Jocelyn would be the voiceover and we needed three testimonials to include which would highlight the level of trust and expertise provided by the team.


We wrote a script, created a storyboard and scheduled the filming for the team and a visit to the three clients we would interview. On the same day as filming we scheduled a photographer to capture the action.

In March 2020 we updated the video and the banner video on the home page to cater for new staff – an easy and straight forward process with digital editing.

The Result

The 3.5 minute video highlights a team of friendly and passionate people providing an outstanding and supportive service to their clients. The diverse range of assistance offered is reinforced by the client testimonials.

A client recently told Jocelyn he watched the video and learned about different aspects about the business he was unaware of, reinforcing the value of the video for not only potential clients but also existing clients.

What the client had to say…

“As an accountant I wanted to be different but interesting and Cath was great at looking at what I wanted, being open to everything and working with me to come up with a concept.

Cath worked well with the team and was great at organising collaboration with other professionals when required. The team love our video.

A client recently rang me and said he was looking for my phone number so clicked on my website. He saw the video and watched it then called to tell me how professional it is and that he learnt different aspects about my business he didn’t know about.

Cath is amazing, very professional and a perfectionist, but at the same time Cath has a great sense of humour and makes you feel relaxed. You are in good hands when you are with Cath.”

Jocelyn Gascoigne

Connect2 Chartered Accountants Ltd

Client Marketing

A few client videos used for advertising.

Moana Pride Picnic

Althorp Village

Bayswim Baywave

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