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Everything you need from a video production company – we’ve got you covered!

What we do

What we do

Here at Recordit – we tell stories, and have been doing so for over twenty years. The tools of our trade are passion, creativity, attentiveness and enough humility to know it’s the story — not the tellers — that’s most important – we produce compellingly effective visual messages for a wide variety of clients both nationally and internationally.

Recordit will take care of all stages of your video production right from the idea through to the media delivery of your video – in essence  – your story.

A word from the team: “Clients continually comment on our intuitive ability to capture their ideas on film with an impeccable eye for detail.   We can do this because we love what we do and  we love working closely with our clients, enabling us to build relationships based on trust – this gives us what we need to uncover exactly what our clients want to achieve and the best way to deliver their story on film”

Tell your story, build your brand!

Popular Video Work

These are just some of the most popular and effective types of video we produce

Recordit can help you choose the right video to suit your digital marketing strategy and have the biggest impact for your business.  We offer a full video production service.


The key objective is quite simple – a Promotional Video is designed to promote your product, service or event.


Dedicated to educating the viewer on a specific topic, teaching a skill or delivering important messages whether the viewer is an employee or customer.

TV Commercial

A powerful and effective means of creating instant brand awareness and prestige. With the ability to target your key demographic, TV advertising consistently provides a great return on investment with measurable results.


An explainer video that is centred around the product itself, describing how it’s used and the impact it has on the user. It is more focused on how the product helps solve the client’s problems and needs.

Social Media

Offers the ultimate opportunity for communicating brand value and engaging with potential customers on their level. It’s also the platform where viral advertising is born.

Video is one of the best ways to get up close to your audience and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or clients are doing. We are passionate about helping you deliver the right story to your customer.

About us

“In 2003, I established Recordit.  My goal is to help your business communicate why your business is unique, what you care about and how you can make a difference in the lives of your customers by solving their problem.  To tell your story in a way that captures your viewers attention and resonates on an emotional level.

At Recordit I work with clients across all fields and industries both here in New Zealand and internationally.   I tell all sorts of stories, whether it be Health & Safety, commercial or brand stories.

Tell your story, build your brand.”

Cathryn Earwaker

Director, Recordit

We do it all!

We work with a wide variety of clients from many varied fields.

Advertising: Exult

Ultimate Homes NZ

DMS: Employee Induction w Hindu captions

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